Helping Distressed Homeowners Is My Passion

(Updated September 30, 2014) Several years ago, my life and profession merged.  I didn't see it happening until the transformation was completed.  Today, if I represent you as a real estate broker, my … [Read More]

Is This A Good Neighborhood?

Over the past few years, it's been my pleasure to meet and make friends with other Realtor® professionals around our great country who challenge me to better myself every day.  Kristin LaVanway is one … [Read More]

Why My Video Worked After 217 Days

Earlier this week, you may have seen my video calling out U.S. Bank after they failed to respond effectively to an offer on 5170 … [Read More...]

US Bank Is Bilking The American Taxpayer While They Slaughter Distressed Homeowners

I cannot tell if it’s just plain incompetence or if US Bank’s management is truly trying to walk the line of what could be considered fraud or abuse in mortgage servicing.  Regardless, US Bank’s days of “almost” following HUD’s guidelines are going to be exposed.  Currently, US Bank services many types of loans including specifically, […]


Learn how Bank of America has held grieving parents hostage for 15 months

Most don’t believe that it’s possible, but I’m often ask how Bank of America has held grieving parents hostage for 15 months because they don’t understand how it’s possible for a bank to have anything to do with grieving the loss of a child.  It appears that their inaction will cause the time to grow […]