Painturo’s in Mt. Juliet

Over the past few years, I've come to enjoy lunch at Painturo's in Mt. Juliet several times a month.  Most of the time, my order consist of their daily lunch specials.  It's a great value because it includes a soft drink or sweet tea.  Chad is the owner of the Mt. Juliet location and is generally … [Read more...]

1099C For Mortgage Debt

Did you get a 1099C for mortgage debt in the mail?  Yesterday afternoon my phone started lighting up with calls, emails and txt msgs from my clients.  Most had all opened the mailbox to find another scary paper from their former mortgage company regarding the sale of their house.  The BEST part … [Read more...]

Real Estate Inventory For January 2013

January 2013 has proven challenging for both Buyers and their agents to locate properties available for purchase.  As real estate inventory in Middle Tennessee has dwindled over the past few months, demand has increased making the expected deals a thing of the past.  There are a few deals but most … [Read more...]

We Demand You Consider Us For Your Mortgage Loan

How would you feel if you wanted to buy a home and the property owner told you in no uncertain terms, we demand you consider us for your mortgage loan before we consider your offer to purchase?  That is happening on many of the foreclosure properties in Middle Tennessee.  GMAC is demanding that any … [Read more...]