Who is Bob Sorey?

The Great Recession required Realtors® to either learn how to adapt to the changing market or fail. Principal Broker Bob Sorey refused to accept the latter option. So he hunkered down, learned as much as he could about mortgages in default, short sales and foreclosures – and emerged ready to assist clients, as well as other professionals within the real estate industry.

For those clients and colleagues who know Bob, this did not come as any surprise. Motivated by a life-long passion for learning and a drive to succeed, Bob has never settled for average – for himself or others, whether they be clients or fellow Realtors®. Knowing that pitfalls will come along in life, Bob girded himself with the knowledge necessary to guide others through the hazards of the real estate market.

But in reality, clients and colleagues receive much more. They find an informed, caring Principal Broker licensed by the Real Estate Commissions of Tennessee and Kentucky who believes that when armed with the proper knowledge, individuals can make the correct decisions about their lives.

It was this basic philosophy that led Bob to open Best Real Estate Advisors. Dedicated to assisting homeowners in trouble with their mortgages, Bob provides homeowners with the necessary information they need about the options available to them. Once empowered with this knowledge, Bob hopes they can then make an informed decision about what is best for them.

“If they don’t make the decision, others will make it for them. This means some people will be moving in the next few weeks. They just don’t know it yet,” says Bob. “By helping people understand what happens when a mortgage is in default can provide comfort, alleviate fears and help these homeowners make the proper decision for them.”

While many in the real estate industry believe they have all the answers for all situations, Bob knows this is not true. “Every property owners’ situation is unique to them and deserves specific consideration of their wants and needs,” Bob says.

Therefore, the informed options Bob offers to each homeowner are based on that family’s unique situation and where they want to go with their lives beyond the trauma of being in trouble with their mortgage.

While understanding that he may not have the answers himself to a homeowner’s questions, Bob has surrounded himself with others who can provide not only the proper license to assist, but who have the education and skill sets needed, such as attorneys and certified public accountants.

So, whether your needs are general questions or a dire need that could include past due mortgages with a foreclosure sale in the coming days, Bob has the knowledge and contacts to assist you on a personalized basis.

With Bob, there are no cookie-cutter solutions to those in trouble with their mortgages. He listens intently with compassion and empathy, and asks lots of questions – some of which may be painful to answer, but which are necessary in order for Bob to understand the overall situation. Only after taking the time to fully grasp the your complete state of offers will Bob discuss the options available to you.

Those options can range from a loan modification, selling your property, short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure, foreclosure to doing nothing. And while you may think you know what is right for you, without being fully informed how can you be sure?

You can count on Bob to be patient, honest, forthright, empathetic and eager to help, whether you’re a homeowner or a fellow Realtor.

Don’t delay. Contact Bob today at Beat Real Estate Advisors at 615-758-6880 or via email at Bob@BobSorey.com to find out how he can help you.

Empower yourself with the right knowledge before you make any decisions.


Bob is licensed as a Principal Broker in both Tennessee #283604 and Kentucky #70295.