Property Owner Options

It may appear that the world is crashing down on you.  When under stress, people don’t always make the best decisions and sometimes, they make no decision and hope the problem will go away.  If you’re in this situation, it’s our experience you are only thinking about today’s immediate needs.  Let us assist you with options to satisfy the needs both today while protecting options for the future.

If your not able to make your monthly mortgage payment, you will have problems.  How soon the problems begin depends on many variables.

This list is some of the potential Real Property Owner Options you may consider:

  • Loan Modification
  • Apply for the Hardest Hit Funds
  • Selling your property and bring cash to closing.
  • Short Sale
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure
  • Pay the arrearage and have the loan brought current
  • Do Nothing

It is very important that you open and read every letter from your mortgage company.  Please keep these letters in a one spot.  They will need to be reviewed along with other information to understand your current situation.