Short Sale, Loan Modifications and Making Future Plans

The majority of my business is asking the most difficult questions, listening to disheartening answers and assisting homeowners with developing plans for their future.  Assisting property owners and other real estate professionals with the process of short selling property is the main area of my practice. It’s important to know that not every property has the ability to be sold short.  Every situation is different.

We also assist homeowners without any fee to develop a plan which allows them to meet their current goals.

We also assist homeowners without any fee to develop a plan to keep their home.  From helping complete loan modification paperwork to forcing mortgage lenders and others to follow the rules set based on their loan type.  Each servicer has their own process.  Learning the different processes and keeping up with the changes is difficult and time-consuming.

Most of my clients do not bring any money to closing.  Most of these owners received a check for relocation assistance.  The checks were between a low of $750 and the maximum of $3000.  More recently ~summer of 2012 ~ the approval includes sellers being required to bring a contribution to closing table. Until we receive the approval letter from the lender, we cannot tell if the deficiency will be waived.